FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About Biklio

How does Biklio work?

Biklio is a mobile app designed to promote active modes of transportation, primarily cycling. From the moment you sign in, Biklio transparently monitors your modality. When Biklio is confident enough you've been cycling, you become eligible for cycle to spot benefits. Then, you just have to go to a spot, show Biklio and you'll get a benefit for you green initiative. Additionally, you can also record your cycling routes, which can be used to claim special benefits.

I didn't cycle, yet I became eligible. What happened?

Biklio was designed to promote cycling, as so, it is biased towards it. Becoming eligible without cycling will seldom happen, but it might as Biklio is biased towards false positives and prejudiced against false negatives. We support this choice as it is more frustating for users that cycle not to become eligle, as cycling users are our target audience.

It is important to mention, as Biklio's modality detection algorithm is its core, it is in constant improvement. As Biklio's modality detection algorithm is it's core, it is also important to mention it's constant improvement.

I cycled, but I didn't become eligible. What happened?

There are many reason why this might happen. Most commonly, this happens because your device lacks capabilities vital for Biklio's success (see bellow). Another common reason resides in the fact that Biklio requires some time to achieve enough confidence that you're cycling. If you don't cycle for long enough you will not become eligible to claim benefits.

However, if that is not your case please reach us at biklio@biklio.com, and we will do our best to understand where the issue is coming from.

Is my mobile phone good enough for Biklio?

Biklio relies on your device's state-of-the-art sensors. Namely, the accelerometer and gyroscope are used to infer your transportation modality. Without such sensors Biklio cannot reliably detect that you're cycling. Fortunally, nowadays most devices already come equiped with such technology. However, this may not be true for older or low-end devices.

Cycle to Spot

What do I do to become eligible?

"From the moment you sign in, Biklio starts analyzing your transport modality. When Biklio is confident that you have been cycling you become eligible to claim Cycle to Spot benefits.

Do I need to turn on my GPS to become eligible?

No, cycle to spot benefits do not depend on GPS.

When do I lose my eligibility?

Cycle to Spot eligibility is lost in one of two ways: First, if you use any motorised transportation. Second, after a 24h perior without cycling.

How many times can I clam a Cycle to Spot benefit?

For the cycle to spot benefits, you can claim them as many times as you wish, as long as you are still eligibile.

Spots are really far away from where I cycle, is Biklio really for me?

Because we understand that cycle to spot is not reachable to every user, we also offer a special benefit. Special benefits are rewarded according to distance cycled, calculated from your tracked routes. Check the section below for more information.

Special Benefit

What is a Special Benefit?

Special Benefits are unique challenges, that offer higher value rewards. These are attained by tracking your routes, which are used to calculate the distance you have cycled.

Why is a special benefit special?

Special benefits are special because of their higher value rewards. This is assured by the Biklio's team and campaign managers, whom can invalidate benefits they deem unwhorthy.

How can I become eligible fro a special benefit?

To become eligible for special benefits, you just have to record your routes. From these routes, the cycled distance is then calculated. The more routes you track, the faster you become eligible, and the more special benefits you can claim.

Why do I need to track my routes for special benefits?

Special benefits are special because of their higher value rewards. This means there is a need for more assurance that you have been cycling for certain distances. The best way to do this is to use the GPS in tandem with Biklio modality monitoring capabilities.

I already have recorded cycled routes, why can't I claim a new special benefit?

Special benefits are characterized by the distance that has to be cycled and the period that they are valid, which can be a day, a week or a month. Your distances only start counting for special benefits, from the moment the benefit is created. Therefore, older routes do not count.

Why can I only claim a special benefit once?

Due to their higher value, special benefits can only be claimed once.

There are no special benefits in my area, why should I record any routes?

There are many reasons to track your routes, even if not cycling. Your tracked routes will be used to support your city's urban planning initiatives. By tracking your routes, you're actively making your city a better place.

Route Tracking

Why should I track my routes?

There are many reasons to track your routes, even if not cycling. First and most important, to become eligible for special rewards. Second and equally important, your routes will be used to support your city's urban planning initiatives. By tracking your routes, you're actively making your city a better place.

Are my routes secured?

Yes, your routes are only going to be shared with trusted third-parties. It is important however, to understand that all information shared from Bikio to other third-parties is completly anonymized according to European data privacy standards.


What is a campaign?

A campaign is a finite length event that runs in a city, with the intent to promote cycling in a more directed way, as well as to survey the city's modality flow.

How can I become a campaign manager?

If you wish to become a campaign manager please reach the Biklio team at recruit@biklio.com, explaining why you wish to join.

What is my role as a campaign manager?

Your role is critical for the success of Biklio, as you are the one responsible for recruiting spots and engaging users.