Biklio Spot Terms & Conditions

What is Biklio

Biklio is an app that connects bicycle users and shops or other local businesses (Spots), where Spots offer benefits to customers who arrive to the area of the Spot cycling.

Offering for Spots

The Spots that take part in the Biklio network will be visible in the list of Spots and map available to Biklio users in the app.

Conditions for participation of a Spot

A Spot can participate by offering a benefit to customers who arrive cycling. The benefit is associated with the act of consumption of the customer who uses the Biklio app. For example, the benefit can be a discount or a free item upon purchase of other items. These benefits are repeatable, i.e. the customer can claim them as many times as she consumes.

The benefit must be sufficiently attractive to Biklio users. As a minimum, it should be worth at least 5% of the total purchase made.

The benefits are to be attributed to customers who have the Biklio app and arrived by bicycle. The Spot keeper should confirm the customer is eligible by visualizing the Claim screen of the app of the customer. The Claim screen confirms the eligibility of the customer for benefits. Occasionally the app eligibility may fail and the claim screen could not be available for the user even if she arrived cycling; customers may still be entitled to a benefit if they are able to demonstrate that they arrived cycling.

Termination of participation of Spots

Spots' participation in Biklio may terminate whenever:

  • The Spot does not have a benefit
  • The Biklio campaign terminates
  • A Spot does not comply with the conditions for participation
  • The Biklio management opts to terminate the participation of the Spot for another reason


It is assumed that any data that is provided by the Spot in the Spot registration form is of public domain.

Data about the use of the Biklio app in the Spot will not be publicly available and may be used only for Biklio’s own product performance analysis and for provision of information to the respective Spot. General anonymised data on the use of the app may be published publicly.