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You benefit the community
the community benefits you

Biklio benefits, cleaner air and better space.

Biklio recognizes bicycle users for making Luxembourg city a better place,
connecting them to benefits offered by local partners.

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Travel minimum 500m by bike

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Go to a local Biklio Spot and claim your benefits

Biklio is already in some cities

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Contact us to become a local partner (

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Benefits can be a discount or that free extra item

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New loyal customers will arrive

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Their Biklio app will tell if they arrived cycling

You offer your benefit

Biklio Luxembourg City

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A community for better public space, clean air and healthy lifestyles...
what a wonderful city
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Biklio app connects citizens, businesses spots and City

Biklio benefits

Bike-to-Spot Benefits are always there!

Extra Challenges

We can create together extra Bike Challenges

City Planning Analytics

Cycling data drives better cycling policies

Spots in Luxembourg

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